The best 10 beach activities to have extreme fun with your friends!

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Spending time on the beach, by itself, is a fantastic and fun experience, however, there are huge amounts of activities that we can do, alone or with our group of friends, to enjoy our trip even more. If you have in mind to do more than just lie on the sand and sunbathe, we have created this list with the best beach activities so you can have fun and squeeze to the fullest your next visit to the beach.


This is probably the most traditional sport to do when we go to the beach, because basically, this activity was born more than one hundred years ago in one of the most iconic beaches in the world, (Waikiki Beach) around 1915. Its rules are very easy to follow and you only need a ball, a net and at least 4 or even 2 people to play it.


Another classic beach sport, born in Leme Beach, Rio de Janeiro, beach soccer has gained a lot of popularity in the last years around the world, becoming a professional sport since early 1990s. Rules are as easy as kicking a ball into the goal. You will need to form 2 teams with 2 and up to 5 people each and, of course, a ball.


Another popular sport taken to the beach. The beach flag football is a very popular sport among young people. Its rules are basically the same as regular flag football, but on the beach. 😜 This relatively new sport is growing in popularity, having organized tournaments and championships around the world.


Also, called “Beach Ultimate” takes the old Frisbee throwing game to the extreme. This sophisticated variation of the traditional throwing disc game we used to play when kids, could be the perfect activity for you and your friends next time you go to the beach.


Inflatables are part of the basic beach items since forever, traditional used by children, this toy forgotten by the adults can be used in many fun and creative forms to develop new games to have fun on the beach. Easy to transport and light weighted are a very viable option to have fun.


Building sand castles has been the main activity that children have been doing since thousands of years ago to have fun, but nowadays building sand castles and making sand sculptures can reach artistic levels. You can make a sand castle challenge with your friends, making the loser pay for the drinks.


Flying kites is one of the most relaxing and rewarding activities we can do at the beach. With colorful and innovative designs, modern kites can be a beautiful spectacle to watch and a very fun activity to do.


This is one of the most exciting activities for the beach for sure. Parasailing requires nerve and braveness, even though this activity is quite secure, not all the people can handle it, but if you like adrenaline and don’t have fear to the heights, you could live an amazing experience.


Observing the underwater life, the amazing colors of fishes and the sun light through the blue ocean water can be mesmerizing.


One more for the adrenalin and speed lovers, Jet Ski is an extremely fun activity you can do in almost any touristic beach in the world.


Surfing on the internet we found this, the giant version of beer pong, no further explanation needed, looks kinda fun, just behold.

Now that you know exactly what to do and what do you need the next time you go to the beach,  check out the Inflatables & Toys section in our Shop, we have everything you could need to carry out any of these activities

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