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I’m sure you’ve heard some terms as: Beach bum, sea lover, thalassophile, sunbather, tanorexic and sun worshipper. All this names are used to define a very special type of person, a person who loves freedom, sand, sun, colorful fishes, salty water and fantastic things like that. Join us to know the beach lover meaning and if you are part of this rare species, here you’ll find the ultimate definition of BEACH LOVER ever!

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

– Jacques Cousteau


BEACH LOVERS are persons who love to spend as much time as possible on a beach, its surroundings and all the thing that comes with it.  Beach lovers not only like to feel the sand between their toes, the heat and humidity of the beach or to bathe in the ocean waters, but also loves the whole process of planning a trip to the beach, or even live in a place close to it.

Being a beach lover means to feel butterflies in the stomach whenever they remember that the holidays or summer are close and soon will have the time to visit that place that makes them happy, the beach lovers have the ability to totally abstract from the world and their problems as soon as we breathe the warm and humid sea breeze, we love to take the time to organize our trips, prepare the car, buy plane or bus tickets, find our swimsuit, go shopping to get everything we need for our trip, plan our activities, look for our ideal hotel and when we finally arrive we love to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, the scent of the sunblock and the sea breeze, we love the food that is served in the beach restaurants, walk along the beach at sunset, quench our thirst with a cold beer, immerse ourselves in the ocean and swim or just sit back and watch the waves break on the shore for hours and hours.

The beach is the perfect place for everything, to enjoy with friends or family, for romantic trips, to live adventures, to do activities or to rest, to read or listen to music, to be accompanied or to go alone to find to yourself, the beach It’s not just a place to visit, it’s our habitat, this is the true meaning of being a beach lover.


Believe it or not, the love of going to the beach has been the subject of scientific studies for decades and after exhaustive research, the scientific community, amazed by this almost obsessive behavior that some of us present, has created a scientific term to define the beach lovers.

This term is: Thalassophile, which comes from the ancient Greek: θάλασσα (thálassa, “sea”) and φίλος (phílos, “dear, beloved” and means basically, to feel love for the oceans and seas.

It’s true that the sea is just one of many things that beach lovers love of beach places, but I think I speak for many of those who read this article, saying that our life changed forever from the first time our eyes saw the majesty, the vastness and the colors of the ocean.


Every beach lover is a lover of nature par excellence, unlike the common beach goer, we are people more aware of the environmental impact that human activity entails in such fragile environments such as beaches and seas. We care more about the fauna and flora that inhabit these ecosystems.

In conclusion, to be a beach lover is to be a dreamer, is to be a person of goals and action, but also of balance and inner peace, is to find and value the good of life and the planet, not only frivolity and irresponsible fun, is also the conscience and activism, being a beach lover, is without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me in life.

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